Leah O' Brien Olympic Softball

Date Posted: 1/22/2104

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A new year is here! That means new opportunities and new dreams! I love the beginning of the year. I think about all the plans I have and as my schedule fills up, I think about all the new people I will get to meet this year. We all have the chance to be difference makers in life! Make 2014 the year that you leave an imprint on the hearts of others as you treat everyone with love, respect, and kindness. Always have a positive attitude and when things get hard, think of the lessons you are learning and know that moving beyond the trials is just around the corner. Surround yourself with people who will uplift and encourage you in your daily decisions and your wildest dreams. Most of all, ask God to lead you this year into His perfect plan for your life! I hope you have an amazing year in 2014: I know I'm excited for what this year holds!!

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