Happy New Year!  2019 is just about here!  There is something exciting about

the start of the next year.  It can be a reminder that we can make a new start,

that we can set new goals, and that we can plan for new experiences.  We

can look back on the previous year with different emotions depending on our

experiences, but looking ahead gives us a new slate!  I know I am excited for

2019 to start.  I have wonderful memories from 2018- where I traveled to so

many wonderful places-  but I look forward to new travels coming up.  Each

new year also brings new people into my life.  I am so grateful for the people

God has connected me with through softball and ministry.  I know God puts

them in my life for a reason.  And before a new year starts, I always spend

time in prayer asking God to give me a “Word” for the year for me.  This past

year my word was “wait”.  God taught me to wait upon Him and to trust Him

when I was hoping for change in that moment.  God was showing me to

wait upon His plans for me when I started to get anxious.  I feel that the

word God has put upon my heart for 2019 is “RECEIVE.”  I am excited to

see how God allows me to apply this word to my life this year.


Acts 1:8: “You will RECEIVE power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you. . .”


I pray 2019 is an amazing year for you!


Leah Amico