Many of us were glad to see 2020 come to an end. There was so much loss, uncertainty,

isolation, change, and worry with all that we went through in 2020. I was thankful for

the opportunity to slow down, reflect on what mattered most in life, and spend more

time with my immediate family last year. But I was also excited about putting 2020 behind

us and starting a new year in 2021!

I know many others felt the same. There is something about putting hard times behind

you and looking toward what could potentially lie ahead. There are new dreams and new

visions in my heart after deciding how I really want to spend my time going forward. I made

some amazing connections last year, and I will continue to glean from the wisdom of some

new mentors in my life. In the Olympics, the best celebration that meant the most to me

was in the 2000 Games after losing 3 games in a row. Our backs were against the wall,

our Olympic dreams of winning gold were on the line. It wasn’t looking good for us. But

each day and every game, each inning and every pitch, was a chance to turn things around.

And we did just that! We entered the medal round in 4th place, and we finished on top of

the Gold Medal podium. True champions learn from their mistakes. Winners in life will take

the hard stuff and find a way to use it to bring a positive change. And that is what I intend to

do in 2021. I am grateful for family, health, friends, my faith, and every single opportunity I get

to inspire people of all ages and from all walks of life! Make today great. You don’t need the

attention from others. Just do what you know matters most to you and you will be successful.