Here is a picture from my playing days (Athen, Greece; 2004 Olympics). It’s been a long time but hasn’t felt like it since I went straight from the field to being a mom of 3 little boys (well, you know what I mean). Every year seems to be quicker than the previous. I titled my blog “Stepping Up to the Plate in Faith” because I really want to encourage others out there to use their strengths, talents, interests and passions to be all that God wants them to be. I have had many opportunities to share my Olympic stories and my faith, and find that sometimes we all just need a little encouragement to get back into the game! When things get hard, it can seem like all we have left is faith, but that is exactly what I want to point out. We can go to our foundation, our Bible and believe the promises God has given us in His Word as long as we are His children. I hope to post ideas that God puts on my heart as a reminder to “finish this race” set before us. And not just finish it, but finish strong! Our journey will one day come to an end. It’s what we do in the meantime that will matter one day.