I am amazed at how busy I have been even though the world is on lockdown and we are all in our homes! It is amazing what technology can do and how connected we can remain even in a time like we are living in today. I have been busy speaking on live events on Instagram, Facebook, and Zoom and I even spoke to female athletes in Ukraine this past week. I had a couple speaking engagements (by video of course) with business leaders and was able to share my principles for success. I read the book, The Energy Bus, by Jon Gordon last week and I highly recommend it. As I read it, I could see how many of the same principles are what I apply now in my life, and how I was able to become a 3-Time Gold Medalist. I think most of all, I am trying to see this time as a chance to turn adversity into anticipation. I have had some time to dig into some areas of growth that I had not spent time on when I was so busy.  Being productive is a big contributor to a positive mental attitude. Set your mind! CHOOSE to stay positive- CHOOSE to find things to be grateful for- CHOOSE to have some type of growth each day! We will get through this together.  Besides, it’s Easter weekend! We celebrate the RISEN SAVIOR, Jesus Christ! With God, all things are possible. I pray that there is an end soon to this pandemic. Until then, I will press on and make the most of this time.

Leah Amico