The New Normal. I don’t really like it. I think there are a lot of people who feel the same. But I can choose to complain and be frustrated or I can be thankful that I have my health, thankful that I can go to the store, thankful for the money I have to buy food, and thankful for the family I have that needs to eat. I will CHOOSE joy, no matter what my feelings are. In my time as a softball player, I learned that I could fight the feelings of frustration and negativity by being proactive- with my mindset and my actions. We all choose where we will allow our thoughts to settle. With all the changes happening right now, I know that our minds can tend to go to a lot of different places. Let’s live in the moment- let’s be grateful for what we have right here and right now. Do not worry about tomorrow- tomorrow has enough worry of it’s own. God will carry us through. And He will remind us one day, that we made it through a pandemic by each doing our part. We all are making a difference when we have followed the new “rules”, including wearing masks out in public. This too shall pass. We will make it through with many life lessons learned. For that I am grateful.
God Bless, Leah Amico