Happy 4th of July!

I love summer!!!!!! I know the softball fields around the country are packed with games and tournaments all summer long.  Summer is also a time to hang out at the beach, swim at a friend’s house, bar-b-que all kinds of food, and enjoy the daylight lasting until nighttime!  I am excited to coach some high … Continued

Book Coming SOON! Softball, Glory, And God’s Story

I am extremely excited to announce my latest project, a 31 Day softball devotional  book!  It should be out within the next couple months and as soon as  I have more information on a release date, I will share that on social media and on my website. I can’t believe it’s already May.  This means … Continued

Hawaii to New York

I hope you are have a great Spring (even though part of the country is still having snow!!)- so crazy! That is not softball weather.  I just got back from Hawaii where I worked with Crystl Bustos’ organizational team there: Hawaii Ruthless.  They are a 12U team who is getting solid fundamental work at each … Continued

Ready to travel

I am enjoying the weekend at home and it’s a good thing because I will be traveling the next 3 weekends.  I can’t complain, I love what I do!  I am excited to be working with softball players in the Northeast next Saturday.  My Olympic teammate, Crystl Bustos and I will be putting on a … Continued

Spring = Softball Season

Wow, I had a super busy fall schedule with lots of clinics and speaking around the country. Now it’s spring and that means one thing: It’s Softball Season!  Woohoo!  My favorite time of the year.  I love seeing all the posts of leagues playing for youth ball, travel ball still getting those tournaments in, and … Continued

Softball, Summer, and Summer Camps

This week and next week there are national tournaments taking place all over the country.  In Florida this week, they are playing the Jr. World Championships to see who will be the best team in the world in softball in the 19U division.  I just got back from a 9 day trip to Germany, Czech … Continued

Summer is getting closer!

We are now past the mid-part of the college softball season.  The weather is warming up and the fields are covered with softball players all around the country.  I love seeing so many stories and posts all over social media about what is happening out on the field.  I was able to watch a few … Continued

Softball Season is here!!

I love this time of year!  Softball season is here.  I have been out to watch some college softball, I have been speaking at local softball league Opening Ceremonies, and I have seen posts about high school softball in action.  Spring is a wonderful time of year.  The weather starts to get warmer, and the … Continued

2017: Here we come!

Happy New Year!  I love looking back at the year and seeing all the changes that took place.  Many times we go through ups and downs, victories and losses, challenges and blessings.  I hope that you can look forward to 2017 with hope and excitement.  Each day is truly a gift and we must choose … Continued

Amazing Summer!

I haven’t written in awhile because as soon as the Women’s College World Series ended, I was off and running into summer.  School ended, Jake graduated from 8th grade, the boys went to Vacation Bible School for a week, and that was just the beginning.  I spent Olympic Day in Oklahoma City talking at the … Continued