Lots of school, travel, softball, speaking, and more. . .

I have not been good about updating my blog, so here is a blast of pictures from the past few months: 2014-2015 school year. . . It has been a crazy, busy couple of months! School is in full swing (I am homeschooling once again), and we are balancing it all as I have had … Continued

3 colors offered for Philippians 4:13 shirts

This Texas team got their shirts as an end of the season gift 🙂 They look great! There are now 4 colors to choose from: Hot Pink, White with Yellow Glitter Softball, Neon Yellow, and Gray (new color, no glitter ball on gray). Shirts are Gildan Ultra Cotton Pre-shrunk How to order: Cost: $20 (includes … Continued

Family Trip to Big Bear 2014

We have been taking an annual trip to Big Bear and the mountains for 5 years now and each year is so different. Last year we had a storm right before heading up the mountain and it snowed while we were there. This year there was no snow, except for the man-made stuff for skiing … Continued

The start of another year. . .

My 1-yr-old Niece, Halle   2014 is here and life is moving along as quick as usual! The holidays were so wonderful. I always love the down time with family when my schedule has nothing on it!   We loved having Nana & Papa from Boston again this year! We love our family and it … Continued

Highlights: More Summer Fun

Jake turned 12 this summer! I can’t believe he is almost a teenager! He is growing up so much and I am so proud of the boy that he is. This little guy turned 1! HKeaton is my best friend’s son, and he had the cutest “camping” themed birthday party. We had another Jennie Finch … Continued

4th of July 2013

We went to our church 4th of July service that was held outside this year. And we spent the day swimming with family and the evening down at my sister’s house watching fireworks. Well, they didn’t swim the entire day. They found a little time to play on their video games. This is a sign … Continued

Niagra Falls

You cannot be in upstate New York and not visit Niagra Falls! At least that is the motto we had. So Claudia, Chloe’s mom, graciously drove us to view this amazing tourist attraction on the border. It did not dissapoint our expectations! It had rained almost the entire two hours of our drive. I prayed … Continued

Chloe’s Wedding in New York

My best friend, Kristi, and I took a trip to upstate New York to see Chloe, my goddaugther, get married to the love of her life. She made such a beautiful bride, I am so happy for her and Taylor. They are completely in love and it is so wonderful to watch. I love this … Continued

Shipwrecked; Vacation Bible School 2013

Every summer our church hosts VBSand they go ALL out!  My boyshad to miss it last summer becausewe were in Florida, so they wereexcited to go this year. What boy wouldn’t love a pirate theme?? They were into the message. This was the jail- of courseLuke was in there 🙂 It was fun for them … Continued

JFSC Pikeville, Kentucky

We always have an adventure at Jennie FinchSoftball Camps!Pikeville, KY was no different!We stayed in a quaint little town,went to a live music festival,and stayed at a bed and breakfast! And after camp on Saturday, wetook a trip kayaking!! Bustos jumped in the airboat. . . but we grabbed our oars and pickedour our kayaks … Continued