Super Regionals 2013; Tempe, AZ

 Kentucky and ASU met upin Super Regionals in Tempe  ASU has won 2 National Championships in the past 5 years and were the favorites  ASU Coach Clint Myerswanted to talk hitting whileI was there- I was hisstudent for a minute 🙂  The great thing about travelingto Tempe was how close itwas to home.  Tommy drovethe boys … Continued

Karate & Open House

Drew and Luke finished their second month of Karate. They enjoyed it once again-]and Drew wants to sign upthrough the studio.  We willtry soccer first this fall andsee how that goes.  We also celebrated Open Houseso we could see all the work theboys had done in their classesall year.  They all had great teachersthis year- … Continued

ESPN3 College Softball Regionals

This is how every weekend of commentation starts: a desk full of notes; pages of information on the teams/ players I am covering, and many hours of studying!  This is how it looks when it’sgame time!  I was able toreunite with Cara Capuanowho works for ESPN.We worked a SuperRegional together 4 yearsago and this was … Continued

Look who turned. . .

 Tommy did! We celebrated first with thekids carrying some pancakesand orange juice to him togive him breakfast in bed. Then the boys each gave himhomemade cards that theymade. Around lunchtime, we surprised Tommy witha Beach Cruiser.  Now hehas something to ride tojoin us on family bike rides.And we are going to haveto take some bike … Continued

A beautiful Mother’s Day

 I had a wonderful Mother’s Dayyesterday.  My day started out withchurch with my family.  Then wewent to lunch at Panera Bread.And in the evening my mom,sister and her family, and brotherand his family all came over to celebrate during dinner.  I am thankful to God for somany reasons!  But the topare for my family!  Things … Continued

Happy Birthday Tristan

 My nephew, Tristan, turned 5today and we celebrated hisparty at the BMX race track.He has already been in a couple races and he justturned 5!  It was a first for all my boysand my nephew, Micah.We were about to headto the track with beachcruiers until I called myfriend at the last minuteand asked if we … Continued

God is the Same. . .

yesterday, today, and forever! That is what the Bible teachesus.  I had to share on myblog about a huge praise!!!God is still at work in hugeways all around. I am sharingtwo emails- and am thankingGod for His mighty, healinghand! Here is the first email I receiveda month ago to PRAY fora family from my church*R is the … Continued

Video on Prayer

I did a video on prayer for Unashamed Athletes: a communityon social media of athletes orpeople in the sports world whoare standing up for their faithin Jesus Christ.Click below to see the video:Prayer Video for Athletes 116

Marshall Softball & LA Times CIF Top 100 Athletes

While I was in West Virginia, I was also able to take a spur of the moment trip to Marshall University. The funny thing is almost exatly one year ago, I spoke at Marshall about Title IX but the team was out of town so I didn’t get to meet them.  This time I was … Continued

Lots to be thankful for. . .

My family and I had a wonderful Easter celebrating Jesus Christ. . . New life comes through His sacrifice for us. . . True love comes from knowing Him and being known by Him. . . Purpose in life is experienced through living out God’s perfect will for your life! I have had a busy … Continued