Praisers and Pray-ers!

I’m doing a study on the Book of Daniel and ithas been amazing to learn about what a godlyman Daniel was! I knew that Daniel was inthe lion’s den and that God protected himand that it was a book of prophecy but didn’treally know a lot more than that. One thingI want to point out … Continued

Why I love Softball. . .

Me, Christy, Geneva and OgeeMe, Geneva, Coach “Murman”, Christy and Ogee My teammates and Christy’s husband (Victor) and Ogee’s husband (Mark)One of the reasons I love softball so much is that it’s like having a second family! This week I wentto dinner with girls that I played with whenI was 13-16 years old. We won … Continued

The Day has Arrived. . .

Luke, Drew and Jake in front of the cribLuke is ready to be a “big boy”“Free at Last”I am excited, bummed and not looking forward to some of it!!! The day has come for the crib to be gone in this home! Luke has been climbing on top of his crib for about 4 months … Continued

Memorial Day

I just want to recognize Memorial Day. We are so fortunate to live in a free country, but we all know that freedom is not free. The cost of freedom is sacrifice and many courageous men and also women have given their lives forour freedom in America. I pray for the troops all over the … Continued

Softball, Softball and More Softball!

Leah in the Announcer’s BoothThis weekend I was in Atlanta as an Analyst for ESPN and College Softball Super Regionals. I worked with Cara Capuano (Play by Play) and the game we called was #3 Washington at #14 Georgia Tech. The games had a lot of action and we saw some power hitting displayed. Washington … Continued

Super Regionals- College Softball- ESPN

I’ll be doing some games on ESPN this upcoming weekend at the College Softball Super Regionals in Atlanta. The games will be between Georgia Tech and University of Washington. The winner (best 2 out of 3) will advance to the Women’s College World Series next weekend in Oklahoma City. Last year I had the chance … Continued

Getting REAL with God!

An acronym was put on my heart a few months back and I wanted to share it.It was all about getting REAL: R = Recognize TruthE = Experience FreedomA = Answer God’s Call for your LifeL = Live with God’s Power I feel like these are such important keys to victory in our Christian lives. … Continued

Happy Birthday Tommy!

Today is Tommy’s 36th Birthday! We celebrated by getting some great Mexican food and an ice cream cake from Baskin Robins. For his birthday, the boys and I gave him the book, Crazy Love, by Francis Chan and a gift card to Borders (he always loves to go buy some books). We also gave him … Continued

Parenting Can Be Hard!

Wow, parenting can be sooooo hard sometimes! This entry is for all you parents out there with strong-willed kids! My kids love to push me as hard as possible! Don’t get me wrong, my kids get disciplined. . .a lot! I would think only kids who don’t get punished when they do something wrong would … Continued