I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!  I was so

thankful to slow down a little bit and enjoy the time

with our family.  I had one of my Olympic teammates,

Shelly Stokes-VanHouwelingen visit with her

family for a couple days over the holiday break.

Back in October, my trip to Cuba was amazing and

eye opening at the same time.  I worked with softball

players who have no cleats and hit balls that are taped

because they don’t have enough balls to replace the

ones that are no longer good to use.  The people there

are so kind and live so simply.  It’s a different pace and

was kind of refreshing to see and experience.

I could feel the sense of community with the people.

I was so thankful for the chance to meet some wonderful

people, as well as talk with a coach who was a former

player for Cuba’s National Team.  We actually competed

against eachother in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games!

After Cuba I had a couple clinics in Pennsylvania and


Then, Tommy and I spent a week in Paris and London

just before Thanksgiving.  We are celebrating 20

years of marriage on 1/3/2019, so we took this

trip to enjoy time alone together and visit two

countries we have never been to before.  I fell

in love with both Paris and London.

One of the highlights was hiring a photographer

and having photo shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower

at sunrise.  The sky was absolutely gorgeous that

morning and I just kept thanking God for His blessings.

I came back from my trip refreshed and just feeling

super grateful.

Drew finished up his first season of tackle football

and soccer season is also over for Luke.  Now it’s just

time to focus on school until Christmas is here.  With so

much devastation, loss, and sickness all around, it is

a reminder to me to truly enjoy each day with the people

you are with.  Every single day is a gift.

My schedule is starting to fill up for 2019 and I’m looking

forward to speaking, putting on more softball clinics, and

traveling overseas again with ACIS.  But for now, I want

to finish up 2018 focusing on my family.

God Bless,

Leah Amico