I can’t believe we are in the holiday season.  Time flies when you are

having fun- I must be having a lot of fun!  It has been football season

for my family.  It has been fun to be in the stands cheering on my

son as he competes with his teammates.  I am also in my 13th year

with homeschooling, but this year I am down to 1 student- my youngest

is in 7th grade and he is the last one home with me.  My oldest, a senior,

who has completed over 30 college credits already, made the Dean’s List

at the Community College where he has been taking classes.  My middle

son is in his first year of public school and is getting straight A’s.  I am so

thankful for all the time I had with them when they were home with me as

their teacher.


It has been a busy year, and an exceptionally busy last month.  I traveled

to 4 different states in the past month and each engagement I traveled for

was different.  I spoke in St. George, Utah at the Huntsman World Senior

Games for over 5,000 athletes at their Opening Ceremonies.  The benefit

of homeschooling allowed me to take my youngest son with me and we

spent a day exploring Zion National Park. Then I traveled to Iowa and

spoke to over 2,200 middle school and high school students with Sportsworld

over a period of 3 days.  Next, I traveled to Pennsylvania and worked with

the Erie Krush organization and did a clinic in New Castle, PA with USA

Softball.  Finally, I just returned from North Dakota (luckily I took my winter

coat and snow boots- it was 17 degrees before I left).  I was honored to join

with CRU and spoke to college student-athletes at Lake Region State College,

Dakota College in Bottineau, and Minot State University.  I love being able

to share my story of softball, success, and faith.  My years in college were

such a big part of becoming who I am today so I really try to share some of

the lessons I learned during my time at the University of Arizona.


I also was able to connect with many successful women entrepreneurs at

an event called Secret Knock for Women.  It was fun to share my story, but

I think I enjoy listening to the stories of other women reaching their full

potential in their own career fields.  We share a lot of the same core strengths:

learning from failure, having the right people behind you and beside you,

knowing what you want and going for it even when you feel like giving up,

and sharing what you have learned with others as you keep striving to be

your very best.


I am ready for some quality family time as the holidays are almost here!


Leah Amico