Corporate Speaking Topics:

G.O.L.D. System Success

Positive Leadership Styles

Team Chemistry

A Winning Mentality


For the past 20 years, Leah has spoken about SUCCESS, LEADERSHIP, POSITIVE MINDSET, and TEAMWORK. She is energetic, engaging, and encouraging when she takes the stage.  Leah is able to relate her stories of winning Olympic Gold and the lessons that she learned along the way to every audience. When you hear her speak, you can feel her passion and you leave with confidence and tools for success.


In the past, Leah was a co-host on More Than Conquerors:


Tustin: Showing their commitment to more positive faith-based programming, Paul Crouch Jr. VP in charge of programming, made good on his promise and moved forward on a new sports show called “More than Conquerors”. His announcement came after penning deals with Hosts Frank Pastore, (former Cincinnati Big-Red Machine pitcher), Leah O’Brien-Amico, (three time Gold Medalist in Olympic Women’s Softball), and AC Green, former LA Lakers, Phoenix Sun player and NBA Iron-Man.

Interviews with guest include career highlights of performance, struggles, obtained goals, disappointment and loss marking their success with in their faith.

Leah O’Brien Amico (Olympic Gold Medalist) Perseverance of faith, relationships with others.
Shaun Alexander (NFL) “Football is not who I am, it’s what I do”.
Joe Ehrmann (NFL) Football and teaching boys that conquest in life is character and love.
AC Green (NBA) AC Green Foundation, abstinence and positive play and character.
Avery Johnson (NBA) Insistence as a 5’ 11” guard that demands respect through his example.
Tim Salmon (MLB) The best player never to play in an All Star game.
Frank Pastore (MLB) Finding focus in an ocean of popularity and fame.
Wiley Peterson (PBR-Champion Rider) Takes a stance and uses his talent to reach out to others.
Rob Smets (PBR-Work Champion Bull Fighter) On top of the world is a lonely place.