Speaking Topics:

The COMEBACK from an Unexpected Setback: We all go through trials in life. Learning to overcome obstacles to climb to the top is an integral key to success. The 2000 Olympic Softball Team went from a 112-game win streak, to 3 losses in 3 days during the Games in Sydney, Australia. The comeback from the team’s unexpected setback was both intense and inspiring. Leah shares how communication, determination, team cohesiveness, and doing the “little things” well in the face of defeat led them to the Gold Medal podium. It’s not a significant challenge to work together when things are going well, but true character is demonstrated when you can experience setbacks, take them in stride and come out stronger on the other side.

Work\Life Balance: Leah knows what it takes to reach the pinnacle of professional success while juggling important roles and commitments in one’s personal life. As the first mom on USA Softball, she took a hiatus when her first son Jake was born, and then came back to reclaim her status as one of the best softball players in the world. Leah shares her personal story and elaborates on her process and support system that made it possible for her to achieve her goals while also being present at home when she was needed most. She won Olympic Gold with her teammates in Athens, Greece in 2004 when Jake was three years old. Leah gives practical tips and advice to help others excel in their careers while maintaining a healthy work/life balance.

Leadership That Lasts: After winning 3 collegiate National Championships at the University of Arizona and 3 Olympic Gold Medals with Team USA, Leah reflects on the leaders that guided those teams to the top. Every successful team has quality leadership from above and from within the team in order to reach their goals. Leah worked with quality leaders that helped her develop her skills and contribute to the team’s overall success. Leah reminds audiences of the importance of controlling what is controllable, servant leadership, and communication.

Teamwork: Finding Unity In Diversity: Success is reached and sustained giving your best individually while working together with others and allowing them to reach their full potential. Leah reveals how a diverse group of women between the ages of 18-34 brought home the first ever Olympic Gold medal in softball and how her idea of teamwork expanded after that experience. Recognizing and celebrating their unique differences and uniting to work toward the same short-term and long-term goals made Leah and her teammates the best in the world.

Mentorship & The Importance of Lifting Up Our Youth: Leah has been involved with training, teaching, and speaking to students of all ages for the past 25 years. She knows the key to success includes having somebody believe in you as they pass on wisdom and encouragement. This helps our youth see the possibility of a bright future ahead and the importance of hard work. Giving back and serving youth makes a difference in the lives of children and adolescents who deal with depression, anger and anxiety. Leah encourages youth to lead by example and helps them to recognize their gifts and talents, empowering them to believe in themselves and instilling in them that all dreams are possible!






In the past, Leah was a co-host on More Than Conquerors:


Tustin: Showing their commitment to more positive faith-based programming, Paul Crouch Jr. VP in charge of programming, made good on his promise and moved forward on a new sports show called “More than Conquerors”. His announcement came after penning deals with Hosts Frank Pastore, (former Cincinnati Big-Red Machine pitcher), Leah O’Brien-Amico, (three time Gold Medalist in Olympic Women’s Softball), and AC Green, former LA Lakers, Phoenix Sun player and NBA Iron-Man.

Interviews with guest include career highlights of performance, struggles, obtained goals, disappointment and loss marking their success with in their faith.

Leah O’Brien Amico (Olympic Gold Medalist) Perseverance of faith, relationships with others.
Shaun Alexander (NFL) “Football is not who I am, it’s what I do”.
Joe Ehrmann (NFL) Football and teaching boys that conquest in life is character and love.
AC Green (NBA) AC Green Foundation, abstinence and positive play and character.
Avery Johnson (NBA) Insistence as a 5’ 11” guard that demands respect through his example.
Tim Salmon (MLB) The best player never to play in an All Star game.
Frank Pastore (MLB) Finding focus in an ocean of popularity and fame.
Wiley Peterson (PBR-Champion Rider) Takes a stance and uses his talent to reach out to others.
Rob Smets (PBR-Work Champion Bull Fighter) On top of the world is a lonely place.