I pray you are being safe and staying home and keeping healthy.  There is so much going on

around the entire world right now with the Corona Virus.  We must always remember: God

is in CONTROL.  I know people who have family members who have tested positive for

the virus and others who know somebody who has passed away from this virus.  This is a

scary time, yet, we can have peace when we remember that God is still in control. We can

trust in Him for hope and help.  I also have been praying for all the doctors, nurses, police

officers, firefighters, respiratory therapists, and so many others who are dealing with those

who are so sick or dying from this disease. I pray for others who have a job, like those

at grocery stores or restaurants/fast food chains to be safe from this virus.  I believe

God hears our prayers and answers according to His perfect will.  God is Good, All

the Time!  He is our peace in the middle of the storm.  Stay safe and God Bless You.


Leah Amico