The ability to PIVOT when you need to both quickly and efficiently, will determine

how well you will make it through trials. I would say we all have been

experiencing a trial with this pandemic that we never would have thought

was possible. This has been a time where most people have taken a step

back and really taken stock in what matters most. It has been a time to reflect

and be thankful for what we do have: health, family, friends, provision. I am

a strong believer in the value of a positive mindset and the necessity to

stay hopeful no matter how bad things get. That is the difference between

those who are able to PIVOT well and those who do not. I want to encourage

you to keep a positive mindset! It was my mindset that made a difference when

I was competing to win a Gold Medal and it is my mindset that will help me to

make it through this pandemic and come out stronger because of it!