I am extremely excited to announce my latest project, a 31 Day softball

devotional  book!  It should be out within the next couple months and as

soon as  I have more information on a release date, I will share that on

social media and on my website.

I can’t believe it’s already May.  This means College Softball

post season is almost here. I have been watching college softball

on TV and am excited to see which 8 teams make it all the way to

the WCWS in June.  It will be a battle.  I love how much our sport

has grown and how competitive it is at each level.  The ability of

the players is so fun to watch.  The key for athletes of all ages is

still this: HAVE FUN on that field!  Play with passion and purpose.

Be a good teammate and enjoy the journey.  Have a great May!

Summer is just around the corner.