I love this time of year!  Softball season is here.  I have been out to watch some college softball,

I have been speaking at local softball league Opening Ceremonies, and I have seen posts about

high school softball in action.  Spring is a wonderful time of year.  The weather starts to get

warmer, and the fields are covered with softball players competing at all levels all over the country.

I have been retired for a long time now, but the memories of taking the field for the first

games of the season are etched in my memory forever!  I want to wish all the softball players

out there a great season.  Go out and be the best teammate you can be, and give everything

you have each time you step between the white lines.  Enjoy those moments on the fresh

cut grass in the outfield, the cool dirt in the infield, and the sunny days playing this great

sport.  Have fun and make each day count!