This week and next week there are national tournaments taking place all over the country.  In Florida this week, they are playing the Jr. World Championships to see who will be the best team in the world in softball in the 19U division.  I just got back from a 9 day trip to Germany, Czech Republic and Austria. I coached 2 teams with girls from all over the US who are in high school.  We competed against women’s teams in each of those countries and we even played the Czech Republic Jr. National Team (playing in Florida this week).  It was an amazing time of traveling and seeing the beauty of these European countries and the hospitality of the people there.  We were able to play/coach the sport that we love and new friendships were made here and abroad.  I still get so in awe about how softball has impacted my life and how God has allowed me to continue to play so many different roles in this sport.  The sport took me around the country and world when I was younger and when I represented with USA Softball.  Now it takes me around the world with up and coming players who have the same dreams I did as a young girl.  I cherish the opportunities and the memories I get to make and this summer is no different.

This summer I was able to attend 3 days of summer camp to speak and work with softball players.  I went to 2 different FCA (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) Power camps in Huntsville, AL and worked with the softball players and spoke to the campers and their families at a night session.  I attended one day of the Total Athlete Camp at UCLA in the end of June.  I left each of those camps fired up in faith and spirit.  God is moving and it is such an honor to be around people who are passionate about life, love, sports and Jesus.  I am excited to speak in South Carolina this weekend at another big softball tournament.  I love sharing my story because I want to give hope to all these athletes in cleats and to tell them that anything is possible!  It”s also almost time for Jennie Finch Camps to get started up again.  Teaching the game with my former teammates is such a blessing to me.  I hope you all have a great end to your summer & Finish Strong on the field!