Wow, I had a super busy fall schedule with lots of clinics and speaking around the country.

Now it’s spring and that means one thing: It’s Softball Season!  Woohoo!  My favorite time

of the year.  I love seeing all the posts of leagues playing for youth ball, travel ball still

getting those tournaments in, and now the college softball season has started.  I will

be traveling for some softball clinics in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Hawaii, and speaking

in North Carolina this spring.  I recently worked with a travel organization with multiple age

groups, a 10U travel ball team,  a 10U springselect team, and a Division III collegiate team.

We had Jennie Finch Softball Camp in La Mirada, CA this past weekend.  I also was able

to be a part of a panel sharing softball experiences and my faith for Church on the Dirt.

This is a new ministry headed up by the Biola Softball head coach and it is so exciting to

see a group of strong Christians on the USA Softball Team who are involved as well.

I love the opportunities that this sport has brought into my life, but I am most thankful

for the people I have been able to meet and the life lessons I learned and still apply

to my life.  I have amazing memories that I still think of when I am watching college softball.

And I am following the Winter Olympics and cheering on all those American athletes

fighting for the Gold!  I am in awe of their talent.  That is when I remember that each and

every person has greatness inside of us and it’s our job to work hard and follow our passion

to see where that talent can take us.  I hope everyone has a great spring!