What a busy couple months it has been!  I have had a ton of travel.  In the past

month and a half, I have traveled to:

  • Pennsylvania for 2 days of softball clinics
  • Alabama to speak at an FCA Mother/Daughter Event
  • Maryland for a hitting clinic, FCA Girls Event, FCA Banquet
  • Alabama for an FCA Softball Tournament/Event honoring Alex Wilcox
  • Texas to speak at TimeClock Plus’ Annual Summit
  • San Diego to speak to HS AD’s from all over California at the CSADA Conference———————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–
  • It has been busy, but it has been great!  So many different types of groups- but

wonderful people at each event. And all over my social media feed, it has been

fun to see so many updates about what is happening in the softball world at each

level. The season is in full swing -pun intended :)!

I have some exciting stuff ahead: Speaking at an FCA Event April 25th in Florida

(Daytona Beach area) and working with the Ruthless Softball teams in the Ocala,

Fl area on the 27th of this month.

May means: softball clinics, commentating for college softball, and attending

the Gold Ball Gala for USA Softball in OKC on May 29th, right before the WCWS

starts.  Lots of fun ahead!