What a summer! The high school team (including 2 who just finished their freshmen year in college)

I took to Australia this summer had 17 players from around the country. We had 10 states represented:

California, Kansas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, South Carolina, New York,

Vermont, & New Hampshire.  It was a great group of girls.  We took a ferry to and walked across

the Sydney Harbour Bridge, toured the Opera House, and saw a rehearsal of an Opera about to

open!  The girls played on the same field and stood in the same dugout I competed in when I won

my 2000 Olympic Gold Medal in Sydney!  So many memories came rushing into my head as we

walked into that stadium!  It was surreal.

We flew to Brisbane for the last part of our trip.  We held a koala!  And we hung out and took

so many pictures with the kangaroos.  It was awesome.  We also took surfing lessons and

went on kayaks in Byron Bay where we were surrounded by dolphins.  It was a trip I will never

forget. I was so thankful to enjoy that trip with Tommy and Jake!

After our trip, I was able to head to Hawaii with my youngest two boys, Drew and Luke.

We went and stayed with my former Olympic Teammate, Shelly, and her family for

6 days in Maui.  We enjoyed our time in paradise!  Hawaii is truly my favorite place

to visit.  We went parasailing for the first time and all of us loved it.

And I am so excited that last night, USA Softball won the Gold Medal

at the World Championships and qualified for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic

Games!  I am so proud of them and so excited for these girls to experience

what I was blessed and fortunate to experience 3 different times! Go USA!

I hope you had a great summer!  God is so good.  And I am so excited

about some news I will share in a few days!!!!

Leah Amico